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Sakurai Yuki is a teenager, who always felt like no one needed him, was spending his days in an orphanage, named Asahi orphanage. He was told that when he was just born, he was found out by the head of the orphanage with a note of word "Yuki" written on it. He always felt needless in the world, because he was disappointed that even his parents did not need him. In these days of difficulty, he was constantly helped by a guy named Wakamiya Kanata, who was like an elder brother to him. Yuki loved and respected him deeply. Other than that, the children of the orphanage were very happy with him.

Days went by and according to the rules Yuki could not stay at the orphanage as he was soon going to university. He consulted Kanata on this matter, who agreed to help Yuki very happily. But Yuki kept getting threatening letters that he should die. He is considered very cute or handsome by his own classmates and other people.

  1. kept passing, according to the rules now Yuki would enter in university so he could not live in orphanage.