Reiga Giou/Wakamiya Kanata

Wakamiya Kanata, also known as Reiga Giou, was a college student at the start of the series. He was taken into Asahi Orphanage when he was a child, and was a brother-like figure to Yuki Giou (who looked up to him as a role-model). He is the reincarnation of Reiga Giou.

Personality Edit

Kanata yuki

When Reiga (as Kanata) met Yuki for the first time on that snowy day

Reiga is shown to be very caring and gentle towards Yuki, while towards others he shows nonchalance. Even though throughout the series he claims to have thrown away the name Wakamiya Kanata, he still thinks of Yuki from time to time and does not hesitate to protect him when he is in harm's way.

Although Takashiro Giou used to be his close friend, Reiga treats him with hostility (likewise in Takashiro's case).

History Edit

A thousand years ago, Reiga was considered to be a taboo child as he had Duras blood running through his veins, making him a half-Duras. Due to his powerful Duras blood, he was known to be one of the Four Saints of the Giou Clan. While others within the village shunned him, Takashiro approached him and they eventually became steadfast friends.

Reiga was close friends with Takashiro and Yomi.

Giou clan uraboku

Yomi (Left), Takashiro Giou (Middle) and Reiga (Right)

However their friendship was destroyed the moment Takashiro returned from a mission to find a sea of flames razing the village, Reiga covered in blood and Yomi dead.

It is unknown what had occurred in the village while Takashiro was out completing his mission.

It is also hinted that both Reiga and Takashiro seemed to have romantic feelings of Yomi.

Abilities Edit

He is a summoner thus he is able to summon Duras. As stated by Takashiro, he is gradually regaining his ability and powers as time passes.

He is a necromancer who possesses the Key of Raziel.