Sodom is Luka Crosszeria's familiar. He appears as either a black dragon, a teenage boy with tanned skin, black hair and amber eyes or at his full power a black wolf-like creature.


Luka CrosszeriaEdit

Sodom is very loyal to Luka. It may not seem like it, but Luka truly cares for Sodom as he is seen by Yuki- watching over Sodom as he plays with a butterfly.

Yuki GiouEdit

Sodom likes Yuki and often hangs around him. He says things such as " I love you Yuki !" and often makes comments that most of the time, cheer Yuki up.

Other charactersEdit

He doesn't have major issues with any of the other characters although he did attack Luze's familiar on Luka's orders.


Sodom as a little dragon.

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Sodom as a boy.

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Sodom at full power.