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The Blade King, Luze Crosszeria  is an Opast (high-class demon) of the series Uragiri wa Boku no Namae 'o Shitteiru

(Betrayal Knows My Name)His seiyuu is Tachibana, Shinnosuke


He is similiar to his twin brother, Luka Crosszeria. With 6'3 height, His raven hair is long and tied behind. He has amethyst (purple) eye color. Luze wears a military black suit. He is one of the dark generals that obeys Reiga. Luze is Reiga's right hand. Reiga also taught him the Necromancy ability, that's why Luze called him by "Fawler".


When these Crosszeria twins were younger they liked a lot of the same things but as Luka was taken on as the Brand Zess, They started going in different directions. Luka was training constantly and running errands for Him (Demon King)  while Luze was allowed to grow up and do much of what he wanted.  And Luze secretly want to reach his twin brother, then he became 1st general class Opast in Infernus. 

However, Luka Crosszeria or "Zess" became a traitor and abandon his clan. Luze who was on duty, heard this fact directly facing the Demon King. He eventually signed to Reiga and was summoned to earth. His Goal only Luka.

Luze was the only option after Luka abandoned their clan but it is an odd situation with Luka Crosszeria still being "bound" to Him (Demon King) under the contract on his arm (Bloody-cross).