An image of a common Duras

Duras is born out of the evil in one's heart. No matter if the person is young or old, they are vulnerable to possession.

To identify if a person is indeed possessed by a Duras is tough, as the mark of a Duras is often placed on the least noticeable spots of the body.

Classes of Duras Edit


An image of Mid-Villains (Jekyll and Hyde)

There are 3 classes of Duras. The common Duras as shown in the image on the right, Mid-Villains as well as Opasts.

Common Duras are the lowest in Class, as well as the easiest to eliminate.

Mid-Villains are often able to take form of a human, albeit still having physical traits a common Duras may possess. They also seem to possess much more powers than a common duras.

Opasts are the hardest to identify as they not only possess the most perfect form of humans, but also are often known to be ethereal and are powerful. Within this Class, there is another powerful Class of Opasts also known as General Class. These General Class Opasts are known to be very powerful and dangerous. Examples of General Class Opasts are Luka Crosszeria and Luze Crosszeria.

Another exception is Reiga Giou who was born as a Half-Duras.

Opasts luze crosszeria

An image of an Opast (Luze Crosszeria)

Others (The Plot?) Edit

A good Duras is unimaginable, but it was. Luka Crosszeria from the clan of Zess has a close relationship with Yuki. Earlier in his life Yuki was in fact a girl and the mistress of Luka. Yuki now but was born again as a boy. No one knows why, but all suspect: It comes to an end. Luka carries the "Bloody Cross" which is unique from all Brand Zess. It is currently only known that they stand for the betrayal of the clan. Luka but only sees a future: His / His protect Yuki, that's all he wants. Luka Crosszeria is also still a General Class Opast and former lapdog of the Demon King. Since he used to drink the blood of the king, who came to the strength with which he now protects Yuki. His age is estimated at 21, but if you're suggesting that he has struggled for decades with the Giou clan side by side, he should already be at least over 500 years old. Takashiro is also already older than 1000.